Custom Web Development Application

We provide many remarkable and unique web development services and one of them is the Custom Web Development Application. DES Productions has the most talented web developers that will provide you with the latest and best services of the custom web development. We will provide you with a sophisticated and customized website that will give you a better website experience then the old conventional websites.

We provide you with strong customized portals that will allow your organization to communication with others in an attractive manner and help you reach your goals. We have done many successful projects for many famous businesses and companies. We provide you with the best solutions that will help you make your customer stay with you by displaying your products to them.

Our expertise:

We have the professionalist that knows the tactics and terms of success web delivery, we are experts in MS MQL server and the database management we do is the best you can get. We also have a strong hold on all the technologies that are important for the accurate delivery of the required interactivity by the website users.

With our team of experts we will make sure that, there is no drawback in your website and it meets all your demands with perfection and uniqueness.

Our services:

We will carefully examine your requirements and devise the perfect plan for your customized portal that will help you increase your business and sales efficiently. We have a wide range of services, we will guide you on planning, designing and implementing your portal and we will maintain it. We will keep it upgraded thus it will not cause any problem in your business.

Understanding your customer’s point of view is very important for the success of a business and we will help you make a plan on that understanding and thus help you display a customer’s favorable portal that will promote your product in the most attractive way.


We will make you customized website that will make you have a mass-audience as soon as you launch the website on the internet. We will make you such a website that will remain up to date or very easy to update and manage. In case any error occur it will be easy to amend and will cause you no stress. We will make you such attractive website that your customer will not be able to stay away from it and thus we will provide you with the best interactive website.

We will provide you with such website that it will attract as much customers as you require and make you into a person with internet access. We will keep your system up to date and make sure that you are satisfied with our services. We will provide you with the best services that you will never regret.

Mobile Application Development

With the evolution of means of communication and the innovation of the mobile phones in the society, it has become a basic need of our society. Moreover, with the rate our world is progressing many innovations are taking place in the technology of the mobile phones. Once we had simple phones now we are dealing with IOS and Android software based smart phones. The latest phones provide us with customized apps and there use is increasing on daily basis.

DES Productions are the best in mobile application development and we will develop such beneficial apps for your customers that they will not be able to stay away from what you will provide them with our help. We are the best and fast in developing mobile apps and our app development skills will increase your customer rate in a short amount of time.

What we are skilled at:

We will provide you with the following mobile application development services:

  • App strategy
  • Designing the App
  • Development of Application
  • Promotion of Application
  • Providing your Application with the best platform
  • Management, support and maintenance of Application

Android Application development:

Android has become one of the most widely used systems used now days. It provides with the most dominating app development program. All the popular companies are using this system to make evolution in the cell phone industry. We will develop for you the unmatched android mobile application that will have the latest technology and the best reviews. Our android application will be the best in its features and quality.

While devising an application we go to the core to identify the important features and the qualities a particular application should hold.

We are the trendsetters and provide you with the following services

  • Mind blowing quality
  • Methods that will provide you with positive results
  • Cost effective applications
  • All the time available support by our technicians
  • Best processors
  • Talented developers

IOS application development:

IOS application development is a technical process but we have also mastered that skill. We will provide you with the best IOS application that will rule the App store. We will provide you with the highly competent Application with the optimum technology and the best improved Application.

We use the best and latest technologies to develop the Iphone IOS application and get you the best reviews.

We are skilled in developing the following Application for the IOS software:

  • Multimedia Applications
  • Language Conversion
  • Musical Applications
  • Internet Applications
  • Utility Applications
  • Media Applications
  • Publishing Applications
  • Game development
  • Enterprise Level Applications
  • Maps and Navigation Applications
  • Lifestyle and Travel Applications
  • Real Estate Applications

We hope that we will provide you with the mobile application development services that will fulfill your dreams of the ideal mobile application.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the best service to make your website understandable by others. We will provide you with the SEO services which are evolutional and unique and make your website have the highest rank in the world if internet. We will administer the best SEO services in your website that everyone will be able to easily understand it and it will gain the popularity it deserves.

We are skilled in both on page and off page SEO, techniques that will have give you the desired website you have imagined.

Following are the SEO facts we are mastered in and we will manage your website with all the following optimization techniques:


We will make you the most attractive content page that will meet the demands of your product. We will design you content page with such perfection that your customers will not be able to stay away from it. It will display the demand and will be linkable having the important properties of a content page. We will understand your demands and then develop you content then make it easily accessible by the public.

Title tags:

We will provide you with the best title tags for your website that will explain the content and the importance of your product easily and thus help you gain the required customer count. We will make your title tags with such accuracy that it will give your website the best appearance.


We will administer the URLS for you website that will give the main theme about you product. It will be made with such perfect and will have the right attraction that the customer will not be able to stop its hands from visiting your website.


We will create your SEO with unique keywords and the match able images that it will give a creative look to your website and the customer will want to visit it repeatedly. We understand the requirement of your website and will design it in the way you will love it.

Speed and authorship:

We will develop a website for you that will be easily accessible and will take no time to load, because when website take time to load it lose followers by frustrating them. We will get you the maximum number of followers by engaging your website with famous sites and accounts. Our service will provide your customer with the best website experience.

We provide you with the best service and the technologies in the SEO that you will love our work and we hope that you will give us a positive feedback and due to our best service you will surely like to work with us in future.

Website development

With the development of technology and the promotion of business on websites, the demand to have a unique website has increased and for that DES Productions is here to give its clients a powerfully developed website that will give their business a new rise. We will build you any application you require from a simple small one to a complex customized one. Just name it and we will develop it for you.

Our team of experts is here to convert your image of a website into reality and provide you with functional apps that will make your system up to date. We are experts in web developing and have the expertise in following fields.

Front-end development:  

We will give your ideas a reality and design your website in such a way that the one who see it will want to surf from the first page to the last page. We are experts with the languages required for front-end development, we will give you front-end coding services in HTML, CSS, many more, just name it, and we will get it done for you.

After incorporating the best technologies in your webpage, we test it thoroughly to make sure that it has no drawbacks and it fulfills your demands completely.

We will develop communal webpage for you to make sure that your visitors stay on your page.

E-commerce setup:

We will present your brand is style by designing an E-commerce website for you. It will help you display your product in such an attractive way that customers could not avert his eyes from it. E-commerce website developed by us has all the qualities of perfect website, as it will be secure, attractive, engaging and stylish.


DES Productions make sure to develop the E-commerce website with such perfection that your customers will love their online experience at your website. Responsive mobile website: We know the demands of the future and thus we are equipped to develop your website in such a modern way that it will be easily responsive online and all your desired features will be one swipe away from your customers. We will administer your website with all the latest technologies and gadgets that it will attract customers for you in a short span of time. Content management system installation: We will give you the control of your online content by installing a high-tech content management system for your website. It will give you the access and control of all the internal factor of the website so that you can build an extraordinary content page on the go. We make sure to provide you with such CMS that will go best with your server, cause no problems for you, and meet all your requirements perfectly. Our CMS is easily affordable, will be compatible with your system and all the important browsers.  DES Productions promises to provide you with such an astonishing website that it will become the eye candy of your customers and they will want to visit it very often. We are providing the best web development services in the market that will make your business grow for sure.

We at DES Productions offer all the key features to make your investment with us risk free. Our staff of extremely professional animators , voice actors and writers are all the veterans of the industry who have had decades of experience. We take the time to fully realize what your company is about and how long should be the video be to get the point across. Our service include but are not limited too are:

Write your video script
To write a script we don’t lock our self in a room alone and make whatever we can think off. We take a more professional approach and collaborate to bring you the best possible version for your story . After we decide on the story we try to make it as engaging as possible because over 45% of the over all audience leaves the video In under 10 seconds of watching it if it doesn’t engage or attract their attention. We try our best to come up with a script for your products, stories or ideas that will immerse the viewer in under 5 seconds as to boost your chances significantly. Even though script writing is considered the hardest part of making a whiteboard video due to difficulty in fitting the word count but our experienced staff due to its years of knowledge can easily pull it off.

Create your video
We start by discussing what the general audiences age will be and other such information so as to make the video as engaging as possible. After that our professional and well experienced artist takes his turn and makes it as beautiful as possible and bring you a story board that you will find hard to refuse. You are free to make or recommend any changes. We decide after the initial phase with your cooperation where to add the colors and other moving animations. You are free to choose the design from the get go and after the whole thing is done you’re given a draft to correct any mistakes that you feel are out of place before adding the finishing touches prior its finalization.

Do all the voiceover
We have a different voice for every scenario. We in all our years have amassed a fair number of well trained and experienced voice actors ranging from old men to young women to deliver the most realistic voice for any scenario. The voice over is done by high precision software’s that lip – sync it with the animation. You are more than welcomed to try and cast your own voice in the video or choose from our many different voice actors and actresses. We are more than comfortable in dealing with other language voice actors from all around if you need it in another language.

To take advantage of all our services and a full detailed talk through please contact or register with us.