We at DES Productions offer all the key features to make your investment with us risk free. Our staff of extremely professional animators , voice actors and writers are all the veterans of the industry who have had decades of experience. We take the time to fully realize what your company is about and how long should be the video be to get the point across. Our service include but are not limited too are:

Write your video script
To write a script we don’t lock our self in a room alone and make whatever we can think off. We take a more professional approach and collaborate to bring you the best possible version for your story . After we decide on the story we try to make it as engaging as possible because over 45% of the over all audience leaves the video In under 10 seconds of watching it if it doesn’t engage or attract their attention. We try our best to come up with a script for your products, stories or ideas that will immerse the viewer in under 5 seconds as to boost your chances significantly. Even though script writing is considered the hardest part of making a whiteboard video due to difficulty in fitting the word count but our experienced staff due to its years of knowledge can easily pull it off.

Create your video
We start by discussing what the general audiences age will be and other such information so as to make the video as engaging as possible. After that our professional and well experienced artist takes his turn and makes it as beautiful as possible and bring you a story board that you will find hard to refuse. You are free to make or recommend any changes. We decide after the initial phase with your cooperation where to add the colors and other moving animations. You are free to choose the design from the get go and after the whole thing is done you’re given a draft to correct any mistakes that you feel are out of place before adding the finishing touches prior its finalization.

Do all the voiceover
We have a different voice for every scenario. We in all our years have amassed a fair number of well trained and experienced voice actors ranging from old men to young women to deliver the most realistic voice for any scenario. The voice over is done by high precision software’s that lip – sync it with the animation. You are more than welcomed to try and cast your own voice in the video or choose from our many different voice actors and actresses. We are more than comfortable in dealing with other language voice actors from all around if you need it in another language.

To take advantage of all our services and a full detailed talk through please contact or register with us.